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    Save the Date! Erector Square Open Studios October 19-20, 2024
    One of Connecticut’s biggest open studios events!

    Erector Square celebrates 100 years of making and innovating this year! Erector Square was first established as a toy factory in 1923 by A. C. Gilbert. The classic Erector Set, American Flyer model trains and other toys were produced here by Gilbert Toys until the factory’s closing in 1967.  Erector Square was then repurposed into one of the largest studio complexes of its kind with over 175 studios in eight buildings. It is now home to a community of established and emerging artists, architects, musicians, designers, dance, theater and fitness professionals.

    Erector Square is located at 315 Peck street at the intersection of Blatchley Avenue and Peck Street in the Fair Haven neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut.


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    Accessibility: There is a handicap ramp on the side of Building 2 and building 3 from the main parking area. Building 3 ramp will give access to buildings 3, 6E, 7 and 5 (first floors only). Building 2 ramp accesses Building 2 (first floor only). Building 4 is ground level. Building 8 has a ramp to the first floor of Bregamos.

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    At the Edge of Eternity Gallery & Studio

    Building 7  Floor 2  Studio 8

    I have created a life for myself, A BEAUTIFUL LIFE OF ART & JOY with 20/200 vision in my BETTER EYE due to premature birth - retinopathy of prematurity. Some profoundly correct critics, they know everything wrong with my efforts as an artist - I should accept my lack of vision and do something 'appropriate'. My question of such people is this: Do you know how well I see; have you observed me at work; do you see the marvels I see holding a camera at 2 inches; do you know me? All 'they' understand are NORMS, profiles and finite statistics. These critics have negatives, BUT I have the keys to Xanadu, to beauty!
    Here's the real truth as stated by Dr. Paul Guida, ophthalmologist, 2018 New Haven, Ct. on Beers St. (now retired): "All your doctors agree, your vision is truly unique...Do your art all day long, it's OK. I don't think you will ever go blind because your vision has been stable for so long.".
    I am the luckiest artist: My unique way of seeing. I love people & the world!

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    Erector Square Open Studios

    October 19 & 20, 2024

    Every year Erector Square’s artists open their doors for a massive Open Studios event.  This year’s Open Studios weekend is October 19 & 20, 2024. All the buildings will be open and visitors will be able to visit artists’ studios, meet the artists, purchase artwork and see works in progress. No admission! Don’t miss it!
    Check out 2023’s lineup here: Erector Square Open Studios 2023